Silent Protest — A Chinese Muslim woman protests against the demolishing dome and minarets of the Dongguan Grand Mosque (in Xining) by praying in defiance of the Chinese communist regime.

It’s been reported that her husband was severely beaten by police and hospitalized.

Two years ago, China passed a five-year plan to make Islam more Chinese. Their plan aims “to guide Islam to be compatible with socialism and implement measures to sinicize the religion” so as to foster patriotism and serve the Chinese communist regime.

A family was brutally attacked by goons in Yamuna Vihar, C7 Delhi.

According to victims, the attack happened after an altercation in society, a group of goons barged into the house and attacked family members including women and children.

While the violence was spreading in Delhi, the crowd was full of frenzy, there were Muslims of Yamuna Vihar locality that have set the example of unity and communal harmony despite being attacked by Islamophobes. The miscreants were not allowed to enter the locality. At the time when the mob of miscreants was spreading violence in the areas of North East Delhi, Every Muslim come first to set the brotherhood and unity examples in the country.

Check this video out related to the above incident from C7 Yamuna Vihar, Delhi:

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